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These Terms & Conditions shall govern the relationship between you, the Teacher, and us, Jyopra Services, including but not limited to matters such as your Course(s) hosted on our Platform, your interaction with the Students, the payments receivable by you, etc. and all matters dealt with here under. You are hereby notified that if you are not willing to accept the Terms & Conditions here in below in their entirety, then you must not register on the Platform as a Teacher or use, access, or view any part thereof.

  1. Definitions

The terms, words, and phrases used in these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) shall have the meaning as defined here in below:

“Account” – this shall be understood as referring to your login account on the Platform, using which you can access and use the Platform, including for offers, teaching, or evaluating any Course.

“List Price” – this shall be understood as referring to the price for a Course as listed on the Platform for our Users; we shall have the full and exclusive discretion in setting the List Price over and above the Base Price;

“Platform” – this shall be understood as referring to the website ( https://www.jyopra.com), any other means for accessing the said website or its contents, APIs, all services provided by us for accessing/viewing the said website, any and every content posted, accessible, available or hosted on the said website, etc.;

“Student” – this shall be understood as referring to a User of the Platform who enrolls in any of your Courses at any point in time or intends to enroll in your Course.

“Teacher” – this shall be understood as referring to you, a person who accesses, visits or uses the Platform or any part thereof with the intent of offering, teaching, evaluating in any manner whatsoever and through any means whatsoever any Course;

 “Teaching Content” – this shall be understood as referring to any and every content posted by you on the Platform concerning your Course, including but not limited to lectures, quizzes, exercises, practice tests, resources, answers, course landing page content, announcements, responses to student comments/queries, etc;

 “we,” “our,” “us,” and all like terms shall be understood as referring to Jyopra Services which owns, operates, manages, and runs the Platform; and

“you,” “your,” and all like terms shall be understood as referring to the other party entering into these Terms with us, Jyopra Services

  1. b) All other terms, words, and phrases used in these Terms shall be understood to mean their natural and ordinary meaning.
  2. c) It is clarified that the headings to clauses are provided only for convenience and cannot be construed to limit guide or impact in any manner the contents of their respective clause.
  1. Account
  1. a) You will need an Account for fully accessing and benefitting from the Platform, including, but not limited to, for offering, teaching, or evaluating any Course.
  1. b) When you register on the Platform for an Account, you are bound to provide all information correctly. You are further bound to update the Account as and when any information provided by you while registering no longer holds.
  1. c) Your Account cannot be transferred, assigned, or shared with any person whatsoever without our prior permission in writing.
  1. d) You are fully and completely liable for any and every action did through or by your Account. You are bound to ensure the secrecy and safety of your Password at all times. If you have reason to believe that your Password has come to the knowledge of any person then you are bound to immediately inform us and change your Password. If any damage results to us or any Student, User, or any third person as a result of actions from your Account then you shall be liable for the same and any belief or knowledge that someone may have accessed and operated your Account shall not be a defence to the said liability.
  1. e) In the event of your account being compromised, we will share your new login credentials, after due verification, only to the email address which you had provided at the time of registration of your Account. If you wish to change the email address provided at the time of registration of your Account you must write to us and only after due verification will your email address be changed in your Account.
  1. f) We will not share or change the login credentials of any Account except as per the procedure prescribed hereinabove. In the event of your death, your Account will be de-activated, upon receiving legal verification of death.
  1. g) You must be legally competent to contract with us in your jurisdiction for registering and setting up an account with us.
  1. h) We fully and exclusively reserve the right to terminate any Account in the event of a violation of any provisions of these Terms or any other terms which may apply to the Account.
  1. i) You shall have the full right to de-activate your account at any time but preior intimation is necessary through email communication, communication email is (techjyopra@gmail.com).
  1. j) You hereby agree that once you have de-activated your Account then you shall not be permitted by us to make another account with the same email address for a period of 90 days from the date of said de-activation.
  1. Conditions applicable to Teaching Content and the actions/conduct of Teacher
  1. a) You hereby consent and undertake to be fully and entirely responsible and liable for the Teaching Content. You further represent and warrant that:
  • you are legally entitled to, by owning or having the necessary copyright, licenses, rights, consents, permissions, and authority, authorize us to use your Teaching Content as specified in these Terms;
  • your Teaching Content does not infringe, violate or misappropriate any Third Party’s Intellectual Property Rights;
  • you have the appropriate qualifications, experience, and/or expertise to offer, teach and evaluate your Course through your Teaching Content and use of the Platform;
  • you will respond with reasonable promptness to every Student’s comments/ queries posted concerning any part of your Teaching Content; and
  • you will evaluate, as part of your Course, every Student without bias or favor of any kind.
  1. b) You further represent and warrant that you will not:
  • post, share, or provide on the Platform, as part of your Teaching Content any inappropriate content, offensive, racist, hateful, sexist, pornographic, false, misleading, incorrect, defamatory, or libelous.
  • post, share, provide or transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, or any other form of solicitation (commercial or otherwise) through the Platform to any Student or any user of the Platform;
  • use the Platform for any commercial, illegal, immoral or other activity besides the stated purpose of offering, teaching and evaluating courses;
  • as part of the offering, teaching and evaluating any Course to Students engage in any actions that would oblige us to obtain licenses from or pay royalties to any third party, including but not limited to any royalty relating to the public performance of a musical work or sound recording;
  • the frame or embed the Services (such as to embed a free version of a course) or otherwise circumvent the Services; interfere with or otherwise prevent other Teachers from providing their services or courses; or in any manner whatsoever circumvent, violate, misappropriate, or otherwise abuse any part of or any service provided on/through the Platform.
  1. c) You further represent and warrant that you will not provide any Teaching Content which is available Free on any or all media channels/Organisation Website or ownership of any Individual/Organisation. If you wish to publish such a course, your content is ruled under the following terms.

Teaching Content must be published Free on jyopra.com, and the teacher shall not receive any benefit from such.

If Teacher wish to publish the Teaching content to earn any benefits, the teacher shall necessarily remove the available Teaching content from any or all media channels/Organisation Website or ownership of any individual/Organisation

Failing to meet these terms shall see legal action including a permanent ban from the platform against the identified teacher. Any benefit for the teacher in this case will be confiscated with immediate effect.

  1. License to Jyopra.com

You will retain ownership of your Teaching Content, however, you hereby grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license, including the right to sublicense, to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display, and distribute your Teaching Content and any part thereof through any or all media or distribution methods. The said License also includes making your Teaching Content available to other companies, organizations, or individuals who partner with us for syndication, broadcast, distribution, or publication of content on other media.

You hereby consent and agree that we shall grant a license to the Teaching Content as per our Terms and Conditions for Students to any User who duly enrolls for the Course on payment of the amounts applicable to said Course. You hereby consent and undertake that you shall not provide the License to your Teaching Content or otherwise allow access to the same to any User or person directly or by excluding the participation/ involvement of the Platform.

You hereby freely, willingly and without restriction grant to Jyopra Services, the rights detailed hereinabove for offering, marketing, and otherwise exploiting your Teaching Content, and at our sole discretion, to sublicense it to students, directly or through third parties. You further expressly grant us the right to add captions to or otherwise modify the Teaching Content or any part thereof for improving accessibility, comfort, and ease.

You shall have the right to withdraw any Course from the Platform at any time through a Notice being served on us for the said purpose. Unless you revoke the said Notice, the concerned Course will be removed from the Platform for new Users within two weeks from the date of receipt by us of the said Notice. It is clarified that (1) rights given to any Student before the Course’s removal will continue under the terms of those licenses (including any grants of lifetime access) and (2) our right to use such Course for marketing purposes shall survive such withdrawal/ removal.

You hereby grant us your express and full consent for recording or monitoring all or any part of your Teaching Content for quality assessment & review, as well as, for marketing & promotion and for demonstration or guidance on using the Platform or any part thereof. You further permit us to use your name, likeness, voice, and image for the aforementioned purposes only. You hereby expressly waive your right of privacy to the extent you have consented and permitted us to use any part of your Teaching Content and your name, likeness, voice, and image, for the purposes mentioned hereinabove in this Clause.

  1. Trust & Safety
  1. a) Trust & Safety Policies

You hereby always consent and agree to comply with our quality standards for Courses and other policies prescribed by us from time to time. You always undertake to regularly review these policies for any updates and to stay compliant with the same.

We reserve the sole and exclusive right to remove any Course or any part of Teaching Content, suspend pay-outs, and/or ban you at any time, without prior notice, if in our opinion and satisfaction you violate any of the aforementioned policies, including but not limited to:

Teacher or Course not complying with our aforementioned policies or these Terms.

The course falls below the prescribed quality standards or harms the Students.

Teacher, whether as part of teaching the Course or otherwise, acts in a manner that may reflect unfavourably on us or bring us to public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule.

The teacher engages the services of a marketer or other business partner who violates jyopra.com policies; or Teacher evaluates a Student with unreasonable bias or favor; or

Teacher solicits or attempts to solicit positive feedback from Students.

  1. b) Relationship to Students

You will only receive limited information from the Students. You hereby consent and undertake that you will not use the data shared with you for any unlawful or immoral purposes, and that you will use the said data only for offering, teaching or evaluating the Course and providing related services.

You hereby consent and undertake that at no point in time will you take any steps, actions, or measures to solicit any personal information from any Student such as their physical location or mobile numbers. The violation of this undertaking will entitle us to de-activate your account and/or suspend your Courses without any compensation for the same. Furthermore, you undertake to indemnify us if any steps, actions, or measures taken by you in violation of the aforementioned condition leads to any claim being filed against us by a Student or any other person.

  1. c) Anti-Piracy Efforts

We may contract with anti-piracy vendors to protect every part of your Courses on the Platform from unauthorized or illegal use. For the aforesaid purpose, you hereby consent and agree to appoint us and our chosen anti-piracy vendors as the agents on your behalf for enforcing the copyright for any and every part of your Courses, through notice and/or takedown processes, as well as, such other efforts as may be necessary to enforce your legal rights. You hereby agree and consent to grant us and our chosen anti-piracy vendors the primary authority for filing notices and enforcing copyright interests on your behalf.

You hereby consent and agree that we and our chosen anti-piracy vendors will retain the rights aforementioned unless and until you revoke the same by Notice to techjyopra@gmail.com, sent from the Email ID associated with your Account. Your said revocation will be effective after 48 hours from the receipt by us of said Notice.

  1. d) Feedback from Users

You are free to request Feedback from Students who have completed your Course subject to your compliance with the following terms.

You agree that you will not directly or indirectly induce any Student to provide a particular review; neither will you reward nor punish a Student for giving a particular review.

If any Student offers to provide you with a particular review in return for consideration then you shall decline the same and report the same to us promptly.

You agree that while seeking Feedback from Students you will not directly or indirectly indicate/ state that they provide a particular review. You will only in general terms seek review of the course or particular aspects of the course without making any positive statements while seeking review.

In the event you are found to have violated the aforementioned conditions or to have manipulated the reviews of your Course or that of any other Teacher in any manner whatsoever then we shall have the full right and discretion to take action against you as per our Escalation Process described in these Terms.

  1. Pricing
  1. a) Price Setting

You will have the right to elect whether you would like to provide your Course for Free or for an amount (“Base Price”). For Teachers under any Outreach Program, the quoted amount (“Base Price”) for a course by the teacher is considered as the “Minimum Base Price” (MBP) for the course. Without touching Teacher MBP, jyopra.com will add a “Maximum Sale Cut-Off Price” (MSP) on the course based on the pricing cut-off inputs received from our data science and analytics wing for our learners. “Base Price” can be discussed by Teachers with their respective TRM for an optimal price. The difference between the MBP and MSP is purely jyopra.com earning. Jyopra.com will ensure that benefits are getting delivered to teachers on the MBP.

  • Base Prices once set can be modified by the teacher post discussion with TRM
  • Setting a base price higher than the recommended category price as shared by the TRM may put you at risk of falling off the Outreach Program.
  • Base Prices cannot be modified more than once within 60 days.
  • To keep Transparency & convenience in understanding your sales, your dashboard will record transactions on MBP & Platform Fee Deduction will reflect in your settlement email.
  • com reserves the right to decide its Maximum sale Cut-Off price for each course without much intervention from the Teacher on MBP
  1. b) Least Pricing

The Least Price for your Course will include, in addition to the Base Price, Maximum sale Cut-Off price, the applicable taxes, statutory charges, or levies, which shall be collected and remitted by us to the concerned authorities.

  1. Payments
  1. a) Revenue Share

When a student purchases your course, we calculate the gross amount of the sale as the amount received by jyopra.com from the student (“Gross Amount”). From this, we subtract the difference between the list price and base price, mandatory 50% Platform Fees and Any Transaction Fees, Any mobile Platform fees (applied to mobile application sales) to calculate the net amount of the sale (“Net Amount”). Your Pay-out is the sum amount of each “Net Amount” of courses being sold.

Jyopra.com makes all Teacher payments in Indian Rupees (INR) regardless of the currency with which the sale was made. We will assume transaction processing fees, excluding foreign currency conversion fees, and wiring fees. Your revenue report will show the sales price (in local currency) and your converted revenue amount (in INR).

For Any New Teacher on boarding on Jyopra.com, Flat Platform Fee of 50% applies to their courses. (From october 1st 2020)

Teachers can enrol themselves in different Outreach Programs to boost their visibility through In-organic Placements on Jyopra.com.

50% Platform Fee is applicable to teachers in any outreach Program from August 1st 2020

The teacher can also opt to not enroll in any privilege program offered by the platform and can organically sell their course by paying 30% sale value as platform fee to jyopra.com

  1. b) Receiving Payments

For receiving timely payments from us, you are required to provide us with and at all times keep updated and accurate information relating to your Bank Account, the Email ID registered with your Bank Account, details relating to your PAN Card and Aadhar Card. You must also provide any identifying information or tax documentation (such as a PAN or Aadhar) necessary for the payment of amounts due, and You hereby agree that we may withhold taxes from your payments as mandated by law. We reserve the right to withhold payments or impose other penalties if we do not receive proper identifying information or tax documentation from you. You understand and agree that you are responsible for any taxes on your income.

The amounts due to you shall be paid by us within 45 days from the end of the calendar month in which (a) we receive the amounts towards the purchase of your Course or (b) the relevant course consumption occurred.

We fully and exclusively reserve the discretion to not pay the amounts due to you if any instance of fraud, violations of intellectual property rights, or other violations of the law by you are brought to our knowledge.

  1. c) Refunds

You hereby consent and agree that Students can claim a refund as per our policy and agreement with the Students and if a student receives a refund then you will not receive any amounts in such case.

If a student asks for a refund after we have paid the relevant Teacher payment, we reserve the right to either (1) deduct the amount of the refund from the next payment sent to the Teacher or (2) where no further payments are due to the Teacher or the payments are insufficient to cover the refunded amounts, require the Teacher to refund any amounts refunded to students for the Teacher’s courses.

  1. Outreach Programs

Jyopra.com Offers different Outreach programs under a specified condition which can help boost your course outreach. You may offer to participate in these outreach programs. The right to Invite or enroll is completely a jyopra.com decision.

Accelerator Privilege: Accelerator is a Course Performance booster program to drive performance-driven incentives for the teachers. Teachers can get in touch with the TRM to enroll themselves in the program. The program comes with an assured income commitment by jyopra.com with different benefits involved towards higher course outreach and sales. Once the teacher is enrolled in the accelerator program and performs par the expectations, there is an opportunity for the teacher to be promoted to a business privilege program.

Accelerator Privilege Program Benefits

Guarantee of minimum Total Revenue ₹5000 each month . Customized analytics-driven promotions for courses towards higher outreach to the larger student community who matches the course vertical interest area. Highlighted visibility across the platform and offline modes via our campus ambassadors, social media, landing screens, search results, and featured editions. Featured budget promotions for the exclusive courses, Instant Teacher Support Management to resolve any query related to your course or performance.

Accelerator Privilege Program Duration: Any teacher is guaranteed Minimum 6 Months enrolment in the accelerator program before promoting to business program

Eligibility to be enrolled for Accelerator program: Any teacher with minimum 2 courses Live on jyopra.com is eligible to be under accelerator program.

Mode of Enrolment: Open to All for Registration (Selection Rights reserved with jyopra.com)

Eligibility to be under Business Program: Minimum 6 months of consistent performance under Accelerator program and 3 or more than 3 courses by a single teacher with updated content.

Mode of Enrolment: Upgradation from the Accelerator Program (Upgradation Rights reserved with jyopra.com)

Elite Privilege – Elite is an on-invite program offered to selected high performing teachers who are evaluated on different metrics of performance ranging from Course performance, teacher commitment towards students, the consistent update of their course content, the ratio of exclusive content shared only on jyopra.com, etc.

  1. Trademarks

We authorize you to use our Trademarks from the time you post a Course on the Platform and till such time you have posted at least one Course on the Platform, subject to the conditions and restrictions stated hereinafter. You hereby consent and undertake to use any part of our Trademarks strictly as per the following conditions:

  1. a) You will only use our Trademarks as we may provide to you;
  1. b) You can use our Trademarks only and only for promotion, marketing and sale of your Courses posted on the Platform or regarding your participation on our Platform;
  1. c) You shall fully comply with any other or further conditions which may be imposed by us while providing our Trademarks to you;
  1. d) You shall without delay discontinue the use of our Trademarks upon receiving intimation from us for the same;
  1. e) You shall not use our Trademarks misleadingly or disparagingly;
  1. f) You shall not use our Trademarks in any manner which may imply that we endorse, sponsor, or approve of your Course or services;
  1. g) You shall not use our Trademarks in connection with an obscene, indecent, or unlawful topic or material or in any manner such that it violates the law.
  1. Sanctions and Export Laws

You hereby represent that you are not restricted, in any manner whatsoever, from providing your services to, on or through the Platform as per law. You further represent that you are barred neither under the law of the jurisdiction where you reside or purposefully work for gain or under Indian Law from contracting with us or providing your services through the Platform to Indian citizens or citizens of any other country. If you become subject to any restriction as aforementioned then you shall inform of the same to us within 24 hours of such restriction becoming applicable to you and we will have the right to terminate any further relations with you, effective immediately and with no further liability to you (but without prejudice to your outstanding obligations to us).

  1. De-activating Your Account

You may de-activate your account at any time as per your discretion. You agree that you will abide on following terms

You hereby consent and agree that:Any content draft, courses under review will be deleted immediately after closure. Any saved information in your profile will be deleted immediately

  • Published courses will no longer be available for purchase
  • Your course may get used for marketing & promotion purpose
  • Student who has purchased your course will have content access for lifetime
  • You will provide support to your learners at least 6 months mandatorily from the day of de-activation
  • Any Due Pay-outs will be held for 6 months from the day of de-activation

Further you hereby consent and agree that you will NOT: Deny Support to any students. Delete any part including non-video content from your course. Restrict access to remote files shared inside the course. Ask or Promote students for refund on the purchase. Abuse any services offered by jyopra.com

Further you agree that you will NOT exploit the product, or diminish brand reputation including

  • Abusive use of the discussion panel
  • Asking Students/Teachers to unsubscribe from the platform
  • Asking/Seeking Personal Identifiable information
  • Harming/Threating Platform Users
  • Spread hateful or negative information which may damage any student, teacher or brand reputation
  • All mentions in 11(, if conducted is subject to legal action under Government of Karnataka.
  • If Teacher abide by the all the terms in 11, He/she shall:
  • Receive his/her due revenue pay-outs
  • May Create Account in Future and Publish Content on Lernmall.in
  • If Teacher violates any or all the terms in 11(b), 11(c), He/she shall:
  • Receive a permanent ban on the Platform. Confiscation of Any or All Due Pay-outs
  • Subject to Legal Action under Karnataka Jurisdiction
  1. Escalation Process for Violations of Terms
  1. a) The Escalation Process for Violations of Terms follows the principle that Punishment for a violation increases if a User repeats a violation, whether the repeated violation is the same as the earlier violation(s) or not.
  1. b) The first violation will result in a Warning and the fifth violation will result in Suspension, i.e. Account being de-activated and Course being permanently banned from the Platform for future.
  1. c) Your record for the Escalation Process will be maintained on a six-monthly basis. However, we reserve full right to remove repeat violators from the Platform, without warning, even if they have committed only a single violation in a particular 6 month period.
  1. d) The Escalation Process for Violations of Terms is:

No. of Violation of Terms in 6 months



1 Warning: An email from Trust & Safety about the violation and our Policies.

2 Warning: Suspension of announcement & direct messaging privileges for a month.

3 Warning: Courses blocked from active promotions for a month + suspension of announcement & direct messaging privileges for a month.

4 Warning: Courses blocked from new enrolments for a month + suspension of announcement & direct messaging privileges for a month.

5 Suspension: The account is de-activated and the Course is permanently banned from the platform for the future.

  1. e) The aforementioned Punishments for Violations of Terms as per the Escalation Process shall apply at the Course level. Thus, all teachers and co-teachers associated with Course(s) in violation will experience their features and the said course being blocked.
  1. f) We further retain the full right and discretion to impose a more severe Punishment for a Violation of Terms than that specified by the Escalation Process for Violations of Terms.
  1. Miscellaneous
  1. a) Binding Agreement

By registering on the Platform and setting up an Account, you hereby consent and undertake to be bound by these Terms and other terms and guidelines stated on the Platform as may apply to you.

The English version of these Terms and other terms and Guidelines shall govern our contractual relationship with you, and that if these Terms and other terms and guidelines are provided in any other language then the same is for convenience only.

These Terms read with other terms and Guidelines stated on the Platform shall constitute the entirety of the Agreement between us and yourself. If any part of these Terms or any other Terms and Guidelines is deemed to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable then the same shall be severed and the rest of the provisions shall continue to be applicable.

Clauses 2, 3, 4, 7, 10, 11,12 & 12 of these Terms shall survive the termination of our relationship and your Account. The clauses of other terms and Guidelines stated in the Platform which would survive termination of our relationship are mentioned thereunder.

It is understood that any delay or failure on our part to take action under the contract shall not be deemed as a waiver of rights. Moreover, any waiver of rights in a particular case will not be deemed as a general waiver for all cases or Teachers.

  1. b) Disclaimers

You hereby consent and undertake that you will not hold us responsible or liable in the event the Platform is unavailable or inaccessible to you at any point in time for any particular reason including but not limited to technical, maintenance, security, update or modification purposes. We retain the full and exclusive right and discretion to remove, change, modify or update any feature, aspect, look, design, or technology of the Platform and your use of the Platform is subject to acceptance of this condition.

  1. c) Limitation of Liability

It is hereby agreed that our liability in the event of any damage, harm or loss caused to you, for any reason whatsoever, for which we are liable under these Terms or other terms and guidelines stated on the Platform, shall be limited to INR 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty Thousand only).

  1. d) Indemnification

You hereby agree and consent to indemnify, defend and hold harmless us, our personnel, Directors, employees, agents, licensors and Affiliates concerning any damage, loss or harm caused to any third party as a result of any actions by you or from your Account, including but not limited to the content posted by you on the Platform, your use of the Platform, your violation of these Terms or any other term or Guideline stated on the Platform or any violation of the law.

  1. e) Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by the laws applicable to and in the State of Karnataka, India and the Courts of Bengaluru, Karnataka shall have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction concerning any dispute between you and us.

  1. f) Notice & Communication

All communications to us concerning any matter, dispute, query, complaint, or claim under these Terms or any other terms and Guidelines stated on the Platform shall be made through e-mail to techjyopra@gmail.com.

You hereby consent that all communications by us concerning any matter, dispute, query, complaint or claim under these Terms or any other terms and Guidelines stated on the Platform shall be made through E-mail to the E-mail address provided by you in your Account.

  1. g) Sale Declaration

Jyopra.com doesn’t guarantee any sales to any teacher and operates transparently in delivering sales to teachers’ courses. In our effort to bring sales on every course, we strictly follow a non-biased model. Jyopra.com doesn’t hold any liability of no sale occurrence and is not answerable for any such concern raised from teachers.

  1. h) Relationship between the Parties

It is hereby agreed that your use of the Platform does not constitute or establish any joint venture, partnership, contractor, or an agency relationship between you and us.

  1. i) Auto-Consent Policy

Jyopra.com is duly responsible for all types of announcements & notification to its teachers which concerns the teacher’s consent. However, jyopra.com holds the right to implement, modify, update, use, or make any necessary decision immediately or as required from the time of announcement or notification and accounting the consent on behalf of the teachers.

  1. Dispute Resolution
  1. a) Amicable Settlement

It is hereby agreed that if either party intends to raise a dispute or make any claim against the other party, the party raising the dispute or claim will first write to the other party by E-mail and the parties shall, in the first instance, attempt to amicably settle the matter. If no resolution of the dispute has been reached within a month from the date of raising the dispute or claim, only then shall either party be entitled to proceed for Arbitration.

  1. b) Arbitration

It is agreed that any dispute or claim which has not been settled by Amicable Settlement as described hereinabove shall be settled through Arbitration as per the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as applicable at the time.

In the event only that the claim amount is less than INR 15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand only) then the Arbitration shall be a document only Arbitration involving the filing of pleadings, documents, and written submissions but no appearances before the Arbitral Tribunal.

The Arbitral Tribunal shall consist of a Sole Arbitrator to be appointed by us within 30 days from the Notice of Arbitration being served. The seat of Arbitration shall be Bengaluru, Karnataka. The language of Arbitration shall be English.

  1. c) No Class Actions

You hereby consent and undertake that you will raise your claims against us, if any, only in your capacity and not raise the same as part of class action.

It is further agreed that any Arbitration between you and us will not be joined or combined with any other Arbitration between us and any other person(s), for any reason whatsoever.

  1. Updates to the Terms and Conditions
  1. a) It is hereby agreed that we retain the full and exclusive right and discretion to alter, change, modify, update or de-activate any part of these Terms and any other terms and Guidelines stated on the Platform.
  1. b) If we are doing any of the aforementioned acts, we will notify you of the same. Unless otherwise specified, any alteration, change, modification, update, or de-activation comes into effect from the moment the same is notified to you. If the same is not acceptable to you then you should de-activate your Account and completely cease using or accessing the Platform. You must further write to us at our E-mail address and confirm your intention of leaving the Platform in light of the alteration, change, modification, update, or de-activation, as the case may be. It is agreed that your continued use of the Account or the Platform indicates your full consent to the said alteration, change, modification, update, or de-activation, as the case may be.
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