Spring Core Concepts

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What you will learn in this course?

Upon completing this course, you will learn about

  • Basics of Spring such as what we need and certain pre-requisites required.
  • How to set up the development environment by installing Java, Maven, Spring tool suit and IntellijIDEA and creation of Maven projects.
  • Information on the different Spring modules and the concepts of POJO, Bean, Dependancy management, Inversion control and the configuration of Beans.
  • Configuring POJOs with XML based configuration and the different methods of dependency injection.
  • Composing XML-based Configuration Metadata and Circular Dependency.
  • Basics of Bean auto wiring, its types, and issues.
  • Methods of configuring beans with Java configuration, Component scanning, and Constructor Injection

Spring framework has been the most popular framework with several notable companies such as Fitbit and Intuit using this framework. This course acts as a comprehensive guide for Spring covering all the important topics. The knowledge which you take away from this course will enable you to confidently answer any question related to Spring in your job interview

Once you complete this course, with sufficient experience using Spring you will be able to apply for the roles of Spring Java developer, Spring Application developer, Tech lead (Spring).

At present, Spring is the most popular Java framework and heavily used Industry-wide. This course dives deep into the fundamental concepts of the Spring framework and will help you grasp the most used tool kits of Spring Language. The course is split into 7 modules each covering essential topics, and all the concepts are explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

You start the course with an overview that has the introduction, need and pre-requisites of Spring. Next, we move on to the setting up of the environment which involves the installation of Spring tool suite, Java, Maven, and IntelliJ IDEA. After this, you will be introduced to some core concepts of Spring such as Spring history, Overview and Dependency management and Inversion of control. Students proceed to learn about XML based configuration and Bean auto wiring. The Java configuration and its concepts such as constructor injection and auto-wiring of POJOs are the final topics of this course. An exclusive ‘What’s next’ section has also been provided for the benefit of the students which contains the source code and some more helpful topics.

Basic Java knowledge is required. Knowledge of HTML, SQL, and databases is very helpful.


Basic Java knowledge is required. Knowledge of HTML, SQL, and databases is very helpful.

You will need to have an up to date computer with at least an i5 processor and 8gb of RAM. A stable internet connection is required for this course.

Millions of developers around the world use Spring Framework to create high performing, easily testable, and reusable code. There is so much to learn and it keeps getting more interesting and amusing. The course covers a lot of ground and you will be getting your hands dirty with lots of technologies along the way. After 8 years of designing and developing Java applications with spring, I can tell you that the most important thing is to maintain the interest within to learn and the hunger to get better. Practice is one of the most important aspects to get better. Learning spring is a lot like playing a sport; the more you sweat in the practice, the less you bleed in the match.



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